Content and Social Media – A Successful Combination

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The copywriter’s mantra – content is king

You know how important content is, you know how important social media is, but are you using them both to achieve the optimal effect?

Having a social media strategy is great, but if it is going to work you’ll need great content to fuel it. After all you can’t have a conversation if you have nothing to say.

In the same way, generating loads of content is only good if you have devised a way of sharing it.

How to marry content and social media

A recent post on called How Content and Social Media Equal Marketing Success takes a look at this point.

The video interview with Jo Puilizzi (author of Get Content, Get Customers) highlights the importance of content and how it must be written in conjunction with your social media strategy.

But the starting point for any business is to identify the online ‘hang outs’ of your customers and start having conversations with them. Building relationships is the foundation to all social marketing – talk to them, find out what they’re looking for, contribute to their conversations and then start to provide great information.

Done effectively, your customers will absorb your information (eBooks, white papers etc) and spread them to others.

The video is about 12 minutes long but is well worth a watch.

So grab a coffee and discover how to make your content marketing go further.

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