Every Business Should Use a Copywriter

As a copywriter I am used to blank expressions from people when they ask what I do. It is one of those professions that can be shrouded in mystery. It is quite nice at times to be viewed as mysterious, but for the sake of this article, I shall enlighten you.


In simple terms, a professional copywriter is a business sales writer. It is their job to produce persuasive copy for brochures, leaflets, sales letters, websites etc.


I like to think of myself as the G.I. Jane of the marketer’s arsenal, but with more hair.

GI Jane



Grab one of your brochures or check out your website; if you were honest, are these marketing materials really performing as you would want them to? Is your website copy drawing traffic to your site and is it the right kind of traffic? Do you get quality leads from your brochures?


Basically what I am asking is, are you frustrated by the lack of success of your marketing efforts?


If the answer is ‘yes’ then you need to find yourself a good freelance copywriter. They will work with you to produce effective copy that will increase your sales, create continuity in your marketing and therefore create an image of trust and credibility in the eyes of your customers.


Many businesses don’t go down this route because they think it is too expensive. But just think for a moment. How much of your time have you spent trying to write good copy? Surely your time would be better spent doing what you do best?


Good writing will pay dividends. The initial outlay will be recouped several times over by the increased sales. Just think about that for a moment…makes sense, doesn’t it?



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#1 Paul Simister on 12.11.08 at 9:45 am


Great point to make about people having the mistaken belief that copywriting (or marketing coaching) is too expensive but I think you’ve missed the big benefit.

What people don’t see is the unnecessary loss of hidden profit opportunities, where for example, someone lands on a website and isn’t engaged. Or sees a poor quality sales letter and it goes straight into the bin without being read.

Each time it happens, a potential customer has been lost, and because the focus should be on lifetime value, then depending on your business, that could be thousands of pounds missed.

I’m not saying that every website visitor should be engaged, and in fact I believe in polarisation – making the people who are meant to like you, really like you, while making it clear to others that they don’t fit onto your target market.

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