How to Become The King (or Queen) of Email Marketing

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The advent of email marketing has revolutionised the way many businesses market themselves today.

Never before have you been able to market to so many people, so quickly and cheaply.

But as well as being one of the most efficient forms of marketing, it can also be one of the most damaging if you get it wrong.

How to get email marketing right

One of the most important aspects of email marketing is your list. Yes, you could take a short cut and go and buy yourself a mailing list, but will that really work?

By far the best mailing list you can have is your own in-house list. Yes, it will take time to build but its quality will be far superior to anything you can ‘buy off the shelf’.

Of course, to do this you have to get people to part with their email addresses which isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to offer them something worthwhile – great information, fantastic tips, special offers.

How to generate sign ups and keep them

I have put together 7 simple steps to help you get your email marketing right. Follow these and you’ll increase your sign ups and keep them subscribed.

1. Make is easy

If you want someone to sign up for your newsletter/email marketing, you have to make it easy for them.

Just ask for their email address – at this stage you don’t need anything else. Long forms asking for loads of information will not be attractive. Remember at this stage you’re not looking at generating leads, all you want is an email address so you can add value to your relationship with them.

Also, make sure you reassure them you won’t spam or pass on their details to a third party.

2. Sign them up

A visitor to your website isn’t going to hunt round it for your sign up box. So, you have to make sure your sign up box is prominent. You could place it on every page of your website, but why not also have it on your order form or even in your comments section.

That way, whenever they interact with you, you are giving them the opportunity to opt in to your mailing list.

3. Use a reliable service

There’s nothing worse than collecting loads of email addresses and then using a service that is going to constantly let you down.

You need one you can rely on to produce attractive and robust email/newsletter templates that are delivered first time, every time. I would recommend the Aweber service.

4. Work on your subject lines

Your subject line has to grab your recipient’s interest if you want them to open it. Don’t use anything spammy – go for things like ‘Tips’, ‘How to’, ‘Discover’, ‘Learn’.

If your company’s brand is well known, use it in your subject line so it is instantly recognisable as something to be read.

5. Make an impact

Most people, when they open your email, will just quickly scan the first few lines to see if it’s worth spending time on. So make sure your important information comes first.

Hit them hard and fast – grab their attention and draw them into the rest of your message.

6. Test

The best way to hone your email marketing skills is to split test. Divide your mailing in two and send out the same email but with two different subject lines.

Monitor which has the best open rate – learn what generates the best response and continually develop it. Over time you’ll begin to create powerful emails that really sell.

7. Make sure you give value

If you want people to subscribe and stay subscribed, you have to give them great information.

Sending them constant sales messages will just turn them off. You need to listen to them, give them information that will be of use to them. If your customer service team are fielding the same questions over and over again, use this in your marketing. Answer their questions and show them you listen.

If you get your email marketing right, you’ll develop strong and loyal relationships with your customers and boost your sales. You’ll become a name they know and trust. But it is all too easy to get it wrong.

Test, reliable services, great offers, valuable information – these are the things that will make your marketing work.

Sally Ormond – freelance copywriter

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