Marketing For A New Decade

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Marketing is always changing and evolving.

It wasn’t that long ago that the staple diet of the professional marketer was newspaper ads and Yellow Pages entries. Today, if you want to be found you have to be on line.

The age of the web has developed the art of copywriting to a new level. Now copywriters have to be able to create compelling copy that convinces people to buy and spiders to rank them within the search engines. The art of the SEO website copywriter is one that is mystical and magical – it is no longer about writing nicely. Today you have to know what keywords to use, where they should be put, how you should link effectively between websites and web pages… they truely are magicians of the modern day.

If you don’t keep up with the changing fortunes of marketing your company will be left high and dry.

Keeping up with the copywriting ‘Jones’s’

Whether your company has its own inhouse copywriter or hires a freelance copywriter – hang on, you do use a copywriter don’t you?

You don’t? You could be heading for trouble then.

A recent post from Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg & Associates on What Marketing Skills Will be Needed in 2010 and Beyond? highlights the importance of the copywriter.

Copywriting is vital for businesses to survive in an increasingly competitive market place. I illustrated this in an earlier post called 4 Reasons Why Copywriting Servcies Work.

In this post I talked about the Kelloggs effect:

During the depression of 1929-33(ish) Kelloggs in the USA (whose cornflakes were a health food at the time) continued to promote as heavily with adverts, posters etc as they had been doing before that. By the time the depression was over there were no other breakfast cereals that anyone had heard of and Kelloggs achieved almost instant market domination, a position they’ve held ever since.

So what are the 4 reasons why copywriting services work?

  1. They keep your product/service visible in the market place and therefore in the forefront of your customers’ mind.
  2. Well written copy will increase your credibility within the market place.
  3. Professionally written persuasive copy will help you by increasing your sales through targeted leads and web traffic.
  4. By hiring a professional to write for you will free up your time to do what you do best.

Therefore it is a no-brainer. To make your company thrive and stand out in the market place you need to invest in professional copywriting services.

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