What Are You Thinking About Right Now?

Have you ever heard of the statistic about what men think about?

I’m sure you have, and if you haven’t I bet you can guess what I am going to tell you. Apparently all you guys out there think about sex every six seconds. Don’t try and deny it, I saw it in print somewhere so it must be true.

This poses a bit of problem for me.


Well as a copywriter it means whatever I write, there is a very good chance that your mind will be elsewhere. Think about it for a moment, if I have written a sales letter that takes 5 minutes to read, my beautifully crafted sales pitch will be interrupted 50 times.

I would love to know how someone came to that statistic, but the main point I want to make is that when someone picks up your sales letter it is highly likely that they will be focusing on something else other than your sales message.

So how do you, as a sales writer, counteract the mind wondering problem? Well you have to know your reader intimately so you know how to get and keep their undivided attention. Before you go getting yourself all excited, I am not saying that you should rush out and romance every member of your target audience. You’d be far too knackered to write anything but you do have to learn to understand their idiosyncrasies, motivations, innermost fears and desires.

Build yourself a psychological profile of your reader.

–         What sex are they?

–         How old are they?

–         What do they want more of in their lives?

–         What are their values?

–         How do others see them?

–         Are they head or heart people?

This will help you write copy that speaks directly to them in a way they’ll find difficult to ignore. I can’t guarantee this will overcome all their inner thoughts but it will grab the attention of most and get your message across.

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