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I was reading an article the other day about the fashion industry.

Every day we are subjected to images of super skinny models showing off the latest designer offerings. The clothes just hang off their emaciated bodies as they strut their stuff up and down the catwalk.

Most of them look as though they’d snap if they turned too quickly or stumbled off one of their ridiculously high heeled shoes.

But what’s more attractive? Half-starved models with gaunt, over-made up faces or the 1920s vision of beautiful women with rounded hips, thighs and bellies?

When today’s models turn sideways they disappear; there are no curves or substance to them.

So what has all this got to do with a copywriting and marketing blog?

Well, think of your website as a catwalk model. If it is lean and malnourished of words and content, Google won’t see it. But if it is well fed with keyword rich content that is relevant and interesting, Google will not only see it, it will hold it aloft for all to see.

A substantial website with generous amounts of copywriting is the best way to get your company noticed. Of course, if you fill it with inconsequential nonsense that is of no use to man nor beast, it will just be taking up space.

Your website copywriting should be relevant to your businesses. When writing the copy think sales, think relevance, think about your reader.

If you are writing your own copy, ensure you write it for your reader and not for you. If you are getting a copywriter to write the content for you, make sure you provide a brief that really gets across your product, its benefits and details of your target audience.

Content is one of the key factors for great organic search results – basically the more relevant content you have on your site the better.

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