5 Sure-Fire Cures for Headline Headaches


The headline – it’s the biggy. It’s the element in your copywriting that gets someone interested enough in your advert, article, letter or email to want to read it.

Oh yes, many an hour have I sat at my desk with my head in my hands desperately searching every last grey cell for the inspiration to find that illusive killer headline.

I know I’m not alone – every freelance copywriter in the world has gone through it. One day you’re on fire with headlines pouring out of you, the next, your creative flow has mysteriously dried up.

Get a kickstart

So how do you rehydrate those creative juices? Simple, look around you – books, newspapers anything that has copy can give you enough of a spark to get you going again.

Dave Navarro has written a post on Copyblogger called 5 Sure-Fire Sources For Headline Inspiration. This is a great blog describing how by looking at magazines, ads, email subject lines and Digg you may be able to find the inspiration you need to carry on.

How do you get your inspiration?

Do you find it in an unusual place?

Hey, that’s a thought, I wonder what is the most bizarre place you have been for inspiration….come on, who’s first to share their experience?

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