Copywriting On and Off Line – Is There a Difference?

I have previously written about why, as a copywriter, you should concentrate on the benefits of the product you are selling rather than the features.

“What’s in it for me?” Is the one thing we all think about before buying a product. If we’re not going to benefit from it in some way, why buy it?

This remains true for copywriting on and off line. Essentially the elements in each are the same. Your copywriting should always be clearly focused on your reader. If you target everyone, no one will get the message and therefore no one will buy.

Working out who your target audience is before writing will help you focus your writing to ensure you are writing directly to them.

When you are writing your copy always back up your claims with testimonials and case studies – provide evidence!

Always make it easy for your reader to respond to you. If composing website copywriting, provide clear calls to action; if you are sending out print copy (direct mail etc.) always ensure you have a stamped addressed envelope enclosed to make it easy for them to reply.

To make them order – tell them, give clear instructions about what to do, time limit the offer to create a sense of urgency.

Whenever you are writing copy, always keep in mind the basic copywriting formula – AIDA:

  • Attention – use a strong headline
  • Interest – capture their interest within the first few lines (cite the benefits)
  • Desire – make them want it by giving great testimonials etc.
  • Action – tell them to call now, buy now etc., and combine with time limited offers to create a sense or urgency.

You see, no matter what medium you are writing for, the basic principles of copywriting are the same. Always keep your reader at the forefront of your mind – what do they want to know? Answer that, and you’ve made a sale.

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