Press Releases – The Importance of Spreading the Word


One of the most effective online marketing tools is the press release. However it is often misused or under-used.

Let me ask you something – in the past 12 months how many press releases have you made on behalf of your company?

20, 15, 10, 5…less…none?

When should I make a press release?

The simple answer is whenever your company does something it wants to shout about. If it’s news, press release it.

Want some examples? OK, here is just a selection of scenarios where you can spread the news through press releases:

  • The launch of new products or services on your web site
  • You want to publish the results of an online survey you’ve been running
  • To publicise a seminar you’re hosting
  • You are launching a new website
  • Your company has won an online award
  • Publicise online products or services you’re giving away
  • If you’ve started an online club/forum
  • If you’re lucky enough to have someone famous to endorse your product
  • Launching a joint venture with another company
  • If you’ve written a new eBook

That was just a list off the top of my head. I’m sure if you have a think you’ll find an angle you can press release about right now.

Press release golden rules

Of course, if you want your press release to stand the best possible chance of being published, you’ll have to make sure it is written correctly. By following these simple steps you should be able to create something interesting, readable and printable.

  • Make sure your release reads like news and not an advert
  • Only send your release to media related to the topic of your press release
  • Keep it one page in length
  • Your header, contact information and release date should be at the top of your release
  • Use short, simple sentences and double space your lines
  • Your header and first few sentences must grab your readers’ attention
  • You should tell a story and mention your business, product or service in the body of the press release
  • Proofread your press release looking out for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Proofread your press release looking out for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Proofread your press release looking out for grammar and spelling mistakes

No I haven’t gone mad. That last point is meant to appear 3 times. You can’t afford to send out a press release with errors in it.

Don’t forget if it’s new to you, it will probably be valuable news to someone else so shout about it.

These press release tips are brought to you by freelance copywriter Sally Ormond.

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