Want Free Publicity? Press Release It!

Press releases are something I touched on in an earlier post Is Your Press Release Newsworthy?

They are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. Online press release sites provide an excellent opportunity to get your company’s news out into cyberspace. So why do so many entrepreneurs ignore this type of promotion?

Quite simply, because they don’t know how to write a press release but trust me, it is well worth learning. It’s important to promote your online business with press releases because of the media all over the internet. There is a vast amount of advice and information available on the web showing you how to write a press release, but below are some common press release writing tips:

  • Your press release must sound like news not an advert
  • Only send your press release to the media related to the topic of your release
  • Keep it to one page in length
  • Make sure your header, contact information and release date are at the top of your press release
  • Use short, simple sentences
  • Grab your reader’s attention with the header and first few sentences
  • Tell a story briefly mentioning your business/product/service in the body of the press release
  • Proofread it many times to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors

Of course, there is another reason why entrepreneurs don’t use this method of promotion. Because they don’t know what’s newsworthy. Well, here are a few suggestions of what is considered news – I think you’ll be surprised and you’ll probably find something that relates to your business right now.

  • New products/services you’re offering on your website
  • Results of an online survey you’ve completed
  • A virtual trade show or seminar you’re hosting
  • A free chat room class that you’re running
  • The launch of a new website
  • An online award your business/web site has won
  • A free e-mail newsletter you’re launching
  • A free trial/service/product that you’re giving away
  • An online business club you’re starting
  • An endorsement from a famous person you have received
  • A major joint venture you’re starting with another business
  • The launch of a new eBook you’ve written
  • A fundraising event you are doing

The list is endless but I hope the above has given you an idea of what counts as news. Do you have something that fits the bill? If so, write a press release and get it out there and start driving some traffic to your website.

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