Proofreading Success – Well Done Google

googleYou may recall a post on this blog a little while ago called “Proofreading – 3 Simple Steps to Perfection” in which I mentioned a letter I’d received from Google. It was offering £50 of free advertising with Google AdWords but they’d made a blunder:

1. You control where you ad is showing – by country, region or town

Argh! How could a company like Google make such a mistake?

Well, this morning I received another letter from them with the same offer. Guess what?

I opened the envelope with baited breath…had they heeded my words?…Had the letter been properly proofread this time?…

The answer is…YES!

The entire letter is blunder free. Well done Google!!!!!

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#1 Kelly on 06.23.09 at 5:54 pm

That would annoy me too, especially on a sales pitch from a huge company. How many people read that before sending it and didn’t notice the error?

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